Porsche San Diego

I had a wonderful visit to Porsche San Diego last month. I captured several great photos of the beautiful flagship Porsche dealership. So many in fact, that I couldn’t fit them all here! I have included some of my favorites, however you can follow Porsche San Diego on Facebook and Instagram for more!



What a wonderful staff! They were all so very kind and welcoming to me. Also very knowledgeable and experienced! Eric Simila has 40 years in the industry! Ray Roper is close behind with 30, and Crystal has 20! Angela Sweeny has 13 years with Kuni/Holman!




The shop is HUGE. It houses Land Rover San Diego, Audi San Diego and Porsche San Diego. It was nice to see such a big clean space with  many stalls to employ enough technicians to meet demand.

A BIG thank you to everyone at Porsche San Diego for hosting me! I had a wonderful time getting to know everyone and collecting content!

Porsche San Diego Website: Porscheofsandiego.com. 

They are also in Facebook and Instagram!

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