La Jolla Tour D’Elegance pt. 3

While on trip in San Diego California, I had the unique opportunity to ride along and photograph the La Jolla Tour D’elegance! This is part three, don’t miss part 1 & part 2!

This stop of the tour landed us at a stunning collection of some of the most sought after classic cars in the world– the Calumet Collection!

but first, the incredible collection in the parking lot:


Lets go inside!


This Phantom V State Landaulette, also known as “the Queens Car” is the only one in the United States!



This 1923 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, features a bullet hole still remaining from the original owner, mobster Nucky Johnson.


Due to the crowd, it was hard to get a photo of the full car. However, it is on the top left in the photo below:


To see more of the car, including the bullet hole, check out this video:

And Finally, a photo of my wonderful tour guides, the fabulous Margie Haas-Smith, and her husband Paul Haas.


It’s not over yet! The last leg of our tour brings us to a very gorgeous end, at the private beach of the La Jolla Beach Cub!

Next: The La Jolla Tour D’Elegance Pt. 4

Click HERE for more info on the La Jolla Concourse D’elegance.


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