La Jolla Tour D’Elegance Pt. 1

While out on a trip to San Diego, visiting the Holman dealerships, I had a very unique opportunity arise.

I was photographing Porsche San Diego on a Thursday. My plan was to leave Friday evening after photographing Audi. I was at general manager Shawn Evans desk, and we were planing the photo content I would be collecting for social media.

“Hey, you should stay for Saturdays event!” he said. I asked him what he meant, and he explained that they would be hosting a meet up point for a large car cruise attached to the “Concourse D’elegance.” He assured me I would be able to gather PLENTY of content and that if I wanted, he could probably find me someone to ride along with on the cruise.

Being a connoisseur of a good car cruise, and thinking that cruising along through San Diego in a Porsche sounded like the most fabulous way to see more of the city, I enthusiastically agreed!

Initially I figured this would a be a cruise consisting of all Porsche’s, but boy was I joyfully mistaken.

I showed up at 5 am to a darkened dealership. It may have been dark, but employees were busily bustling in and out, setting up tables, food, and arranging cars. I joined in on the setup.


Before long, the sun arrived and along with it, a stream of cars of the highest caliber began rolling in.


Once they were all parked, I began my rounds.






For more of this Triumph click HERE






It felt like no time at all had passed, and it was already time for the drivers meeting!


I was given an incredible opportunity to ride with a VERY special couple for the cruise. I will tell you all about it in part 2!

Next: The Concourse D’Elegance Pt.2

Click HERE for more info on the La Jolla Concourse D’elegance.

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