La Jolla Tour D’Elegance pt. 2

While on a photo content gathering trip to the Holman Luxury car dealerships in San Diego California, I had the unique opportunity to ride along and photograph the La Jolla Tour D’elegance.

We had just left the meet up at Porsche San Diego. ( Read Pt. 1 ) I was riding in a Porsche Panamara driven by Margie Smith-Haas and co-piloted by her husband Paul Haas.  Margie Smith was the first ever woman to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1984! My car ride was a wonderful mix of stories from Margies adventures, weaved in with a fun tour of the San Diego coastline. I found Margie and Paul to be delightful, welcoming people. They helped make this one of the best days I have spend in my travels so far!


Our first stop was the “Only yesterday” automotive Museum owned by Chuck Spielman. It is home to classic auto’s spanning from the 1930’s to the present.

The attendees filled the parking lot with quite a spectacular array of  vehicles:






Walking into the main display room was quite a sight!


Click collaged images to see larger:

Two more rooms were filled with classic cars from the 30’s, a vintage ice cream truck, a vintage firetruck, pedal cars, a room of 1950’s memorabilia including a soda shop set up, and an incredible room filled with a priceless collection of military memorabilia recognized by the Smithsonian Institute! Some of these are so rare and incredible, we were asked not to photograph them. I do recommend however, that you arrange a tour and see them for yourself!

After walking around in awe for awhile, we headed out for the second leg of the cruise!

Next: The Concourse D’Elegance Pt. 3

Click HERE for more info on the La Jolla Concourse D’elegance.

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