The last light of 2017

When I woke up on new years eve 2017, I had no plans, just a day full of possibility. After my morning coffee, I checked the days weather. I noticed it was a decent weather day at the beach.

“Wanna go to the coast?” I asked my family. They agreed, and we were off.

I have been feeling melancholy lately and the vast expanse of the ocean always grounded me, reminding me how small I am in the scheme of things.

So to the beach we went.DSC_3440

We arrived in Newport Oregon around 2 pm to a slightly overcast beach, but overall pretty warm for a PNW winter day.


I had decided to give my daughter Madilyn a tide pool adventure. She recently acquired a magnifying glass, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it. We visited the Yaquina head lighthouse and nature preserve.



Do you see the fish by the anemone?


Purple sea urchins everywhere! watch your step!


Starfish just chillin’


Yaquina Head lighthouse:



A family Selfie


One last look before we go


We drove down to the historic bayfront down by the Newport bridge. There, we watched the sun slip down, and witnessed the last bit of light of 2017:


I turned to see the golden light, lighting up the bridge:


And the Yaquina bay head lighthouse:


We headed down to the waterfront and I literally jumped out of the car running to catch this scene before it slipped away:


Afterward we had a delicious meal together and drove home to ring in the new year from the couch.

What a fun and beautiful, impromptu beach trip! A new NYE family tradition I think!

Happy New Year 2018!

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