PDX +NJ ( A Hipster vs. Jersey Party )

Welcome to the East side Exchange Ballroom in Portland Oregon! Two large Automotive companies one from Portland Oregon, and one from Maple Shade New Jersey have joined. They threw a Hipster/ Jersey Shore themed party to celebrate and I was invited to document the shindig!


This was one gorgeous party. The attention to detail was stunning. It was better than some weddings I have attended!

I really couldn’t get enough of the PDX + NJ sign.


Ice Cream by Ruby Jewel, gluten free all the things, and specialty cocktails!

A wall of treats for guests to take home. Taffy, Doughnuts, stickers, coasters, cards ect.!


PDX Carpet, Keep Portland weird, put a bird on it, and specialty treats in super odd flavors! Habanero Lavender anyone?

Sorry… but that sign though!!


It wouldn’t be complete without some VooDoo Doughnuts and a bacon maple bar!


Something that crosses both cities, getting a tattoo! Or at least a fake one.


Indoor s’mores bar! Peanut butter cups??? Yes Please!!


Here I am, your hipster photographer at your service!


Don’t forget to beard or mustache up!

Party guests were asked to dress Hipster or Jersey shore. Goodness it was fun to see the outfits!


The party continued on the rooftop.

Giant Jenga was a hit!



And the sun set on a fantastic party!

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