Company Intranet Build

One of the biggest projects I worked on at Kuni Automotive, was to create an all new company intranet. I worked closely with another employee, Cory, who is a lightning fast coder. We joked that he was the carpenter and I was the architect. As long as I didnt ask him to add a basement after the foundation was poured we could make anything happen. We worked well as a team. I have experience in html, so I understood the capabilities, and designed for ease of coding.

A Microsoft share point site was already in use and we used this platform as our foundation. Cory and I attended a sharepoint conference in Seattle Washington and learned all the capabilities of Microsoft sharepoint. We heard several sales pitches on templates, but we were determined: we would design this ourselves, customize it to exactly what we needed, and code it ourselves too!

The home page held our main buy in, the clock in/out button. By driving our employees here to clock in and out, we could force feed them important news they needed to know. We also stored an employee directory, IT ticketing button, a company calendar, quick links and more.

The page is a command center which is simple, easy to navigate, no scrolling needed.

Intranet 1

The Employee resource page is for all human resource needs. We figured this would be the second most popular page.

Intranet 2

Each department at the corporate office ( The Kuni Garage) received a page. The department pages held important frequently requested documents. They also described the department and its members.

Intranet 4Intranet 3

Each dealership also has is own page.


We included a page for Health and Wellness. The Kuni Active page detailed our wellness program providing updates on activities, videos, programs and success stories.

Intranet 5

We created and maintained a company directory, and included a special section for management and executive bios to help employees feel connected to their senior management team.

Intranet 6

Each dealership has its own page for manager bios.

Intranet 7

This project is constantly growing and morphing as more users get on board and find new and creative ways to use the intranet. Requests include new forms, library’s, galleries and other ways to collaborate. We build new pages and improve processes every week!

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