With my role as a Marketing Specialist at Kuni Automotive, I inherited the Corporate website kuniauto.com. The website had been developed beautifully to fit within the confines of a dealer.com web structure. My role was to maintain the look and continue to hash out the branding.

The following examples showcase some of the updates I made to the site during my time with the company.

Kansas location banner:

Website 1


Banner announcing the merging of Kuni & Holman:

Website 3

Chunky navigation buttons to popular topics:

Website 4

Interactive location map: (also showcased in the info-graphic section of this portfolio)

Website 5

Executive VP section, photography is my own:

Website 16

I created content and maintained an ongoing list of community activities and sponsorship’s throughout the company:

Website 14

Website 13

Created & maintained bios for each dealership within the company:

Website 11


Maintained an active directory of management for each location:

WEbsite 10

I was responsible for corporate head shots at the main office. Below is my photograph of Greg Goodwin:

WEbsite 9

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