Sand in the city!


Yoshida’s Sand in the City 2015 is in the books! This year marked the 20th annual event and was by far the best yet! This is event brings together sand artists along with teams from local businesses to compete to win the best sand sculpture in pioneer courthouse square. The hitch? You only have seven hours to build it!

The corporate-sponsored teams raise money to support children’s charities, including the Kids on the Block Awareness Program, which educates kids about disabilities and differences. In 2014, five children’s charities received grants totally $114,000, thanks to the fundraiser, and this year, 5 more will benefit from the special event.

Junki Yoshida and Yoshida Group are the presenting sponsor of the event and Hoffman Construction Company coordinates the arrival and removal of more than 150 tons of sand.

Along with the sponsors, donations at the gate also go toward the charity programs. the suggested donation at entry is $4 per person, for $10 for a family of any size. When the sand sculpting event is over the structures are on display for the remainder of the weekend.

Kuni Automotive has participated for three years now creating two teams, one from Kuni BMW and one from Kuni Lexus of Portland. Employees from the Garage joined both teams.

The mood is electric when you arrive. Local radio stations blast upbeat music and the teams are busy at work shoveling sand and dumping water into the premade forms.  When  the sand began to fly at 9:30 am it was already edging toward 80 degrees.


The Kuni Lexus of Portland Plan:


The Kuni BMW Plan:


The Employees of Lexus of Portland, Kuni BMW and the Garage made tough labor in the hot sun fun. They dance to the music, joked around and had a great time.



Interview by channel 8!


Team Lexus of Portland! (With some help from Garage employees)


Team Kuni BMW! (With some help from Garage employees)


The finished Project!


What a fantastic day!


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