Grease Monkey Typeface

GM tbAlphabet_SEM0008_SEM0014_SEM0058_SEM0027

Inside the “tool box” typeface explanation it says:

“Twin brothers Josh and Joey owned an auto shop together. They were always pulling pranks on each other. After a particularly grueling month of elevating pranks, the guys were no longer on speaking terms. Working closely together, in a customer driven business, this silence was particularly difficult. What car had been worked on? Had the customer been called? What a mess. Although Josh would argue, it was Joey who began communication in a new way. It started with an FU constructed out of a wrench and steering wheel left ever so precariously on the workbench. It was not long before insults became actual customer information. These new letterforms gave life to “Grease Monkey”. Constructed of tools and auto parts, this alphabet can be used on work jackets, jumpsuits, and automotive related information or simply to insult your brother. The possibilities are endless.”


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