Dairygold Milk Re-Brand

Dairygold new logo

Reinventing the local dairy  

My goal was to revive an old way of packaging and purchasing milk and improve it to make it simple, desirable, and beneficial to the community. The idea was to bring back glass bottle packaging and local sourcing of milk in the mainstream grocery stores as well as recreating local dairy owned fill/trade in stations and coffee hut style locations for other dairy products such as ice cream.

I researched what had been done in the past and compared it to what is currently in use. I found that the glass bottle exchange “drive through” locations were used in Portland in the late 70’s and early 80’s. They were discontinued because everyone was jumping on the cheap packaging band wagon. I found data about how bad the “new” plastic bottles really were for the environment. I also found that Portlanders are generally accepting to the idea of buying local and reusing packaging. I came up with brand strategy for a local dairy that would eventually hopefully pave the way for other local dairies to follow the lead. It would involve a deposit system and exchange program with reusable glass bottles to be filled milk from a local dairy. The milk bottles would be available in grocery stores and at stand alone stations and a local dairy restaurant.

Overall I had a really good time working on this project. It was something I had thought about for a long time and it was kind of a pet project. I found lots of really great information and got lots of good advice from people regarding the project. After re-attempting the branding I was really happy with it. There is some definite room for improvement (which I mention below), but overall I think that it was successful. I think that It is well thought out and well researched. Most of the people I talked to about it got really excited and into it. I think it is a solid start and I would like to see something happen with it more than just a class project.

Thinking back on this project I think It may have been interesting to think about how I could improve the actual bottle itself. The main concerns being that the bottles are heavy and could break. Maybe the bottoms and sides could have sections made out of rubber for padding. It could be made from 100% recycled plastic. What other materials could be explored other than glass? This project is lacking a good representation of the information I discovered. I would like to make better infographics showing some of the research that I found. Also I would have liked to speak with someone who was part of the old Senns dairies. Or even speak with someone from Alpenrose or Dairy gold to see what their take is on the project and logistics. I would really like to see this happen and I want to continue on when this project further, improving the branding and maybe someday showing it to someone at a dairy or large grocery chain like Kroger to see if it could ever happen.


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